and Maine is fractal.

I could show this map on a larger scale
but it would look just the same
and the stranger would be just as lost.
Damariscove is about five miles due south of Boothbay Harbor...
which is about...

In any case
Europeans have been coming here for 400 years.

A Captain Dameril set up a store in 1608
and made the island the chief maritime port of New England
for the next 20 years. Believe it or Not.

Starving Pilgrims sent a shallop here to beg for food in 1621
with better success than the second time they came in 1624.

The pirate, Dixey Bull, stopped by in 1632 and perhaps, just perhaps
left treasure in the island's fresh-water pond.

Once wooded, Pilgrimized and Pirate-infested
it is now just sheep-grazed scrub
favored by birds.

So it goes