I have been taking photographs for over 40 years
In that time there have been, perhaps, four that are exceptional
This is one of them

It was taken from the stern of Franziska
a 35-foot Hinckley Pilot belonging to my friend Chaz
We had set anchor for the night in Seal Cove, Maine
Chaz and my wife Barbara were down below fixing cocktails
A light rain began to fall
The sunset and clouds were reflected in the still water
Franziska’s dinghy, Wake for Me, drifted out on her painter

There it was

Because it is possible... viewers tend to assume
that Wake for Me is as imaginary as Mr. Koi swallowing his galaxies
In fact this is a straightforward shot, uncropped,
with the color balance set to "cloudy" to get the dinghy color right
The color of the water is essentially sky...
gradually changing towards Fransziska
to that of the dark water below

I took five shots before the light faded
Only this one had raindrops
Only this one had Wake for Me lined up perfectly

My next shot is due in ten years

We miss real mystery in our efforts not to be "fooled"