With the window open
it was only a matter of time.

This image is both a precursor and follow-on
to the August 2006 show that follows.
A precursor in that I took the photograph of the darkened window
in San Francisco in 1973
and thought about what it might hold for the next 38 years.
A follow-on in that I didn't rediscover the color slide
until after Mr. Koi and the Stars show
and had developed the methods of putting it together.

I must give some credit for the title to Chris Van Allsburg
whose magnificent Mysteries of Harris Burdick series of drawings
is the gold standard for telling a story without giving away the plot.
What it means will depend on the viewer's own history and personal demons.
This image, like Magritte's, is a mystery that has no meaning
other than what you bring to it.