Stars and Mystery

an image through time

an exhibition of new and old works
highlighting common threads and changing means
for creating images from the imagination

This is a set of images that I put together
for a show at the Marblehead Arts Association in August of 2006.

Previously, at various venues in Marblehead, I had run into the "three-year rule".
... don't show anything that wasn't created in the last three years...
Perhaps the rule makes sense in that it encourages "new" work
and keeps those of us with favorite pieces from showing them too often for the common good.
Still... it limits the expression of context.

"New" work is often derived from older pieces by the same artist and/or other artists
and this is particularly true of the work on the first "wall" of my show.
This section tracks the development of "Mr. Koi"... on the index page of this site
through the influences of other artists
and creations of my own over the last 40 years.

Along the way I want to highlight the means which I have had available
... pencils... brushes... airbrushes... then digital plotters... computers... ink jets!
some of which I built on my own before they became widely available
all with the purpose of producing ever-increasing levels of reality.

and in particular to note... ruefully... that what was once a tour de force
is now trivial.

but then...

Was technical difficulty ever a value that would last?