Washington College around 1870
the year that President Robert E. Lee died
and Washington College became
Washington and Lee University
my school

from a 16x20 glass plate negative
taken by photographer Michael Miley
who came to Lexington in 1865
when Gen. Robert E. Lee became
President of the College

I found boxes of these glass plates
carefully stored... many to a box
in the attic of the Journalism Department
and was amazed when I got permission
to take them out and print them

11x14 inches was the largest sheet I had
so this is just a portion of the full plate's image

40 years later I scanned the print in sections
and stitched the sections together in Matlab

A pretty good, 5.4MB JPG is available

and the full, 87 MB, 16000x13000 TIF is

move the cursor over the image to see enlargements
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