Early Inspiration

Three generations of Fulghums
before me... all builders and architects

The Florida town I grew up in, Lakeland...
home of many Frank Lloyd Wright buildings

They taught me architecture.
I walked Wright's esplanades
at Florida Southern College.
I studied in his circular library...
poring over his famous drawings...

The drawings often had a seal, a symbol
more of a flourish, by his signature.
A simple red square... very elegant.

The seal shown here (20.5mm x 20.5 mm)
is from a Wright letter to the college president.
It was given to my uncle who worked with them
and then passed on to me.
I copied it as a teenager...
cutting printing blocks from erasers
and pressing them with ink onto my drawings.

Looking closely now... I see
that I should have used colored pencils
and a mask to form the square.
His seal is more subtle... more complex...
... even more beautiful...
than I remembered.