Before he grew to galactic proportions
Mr. Koi was looking for handouts
in a Zen temple pond in Kyoto.
A polarizer removed the surface reflections.
He faded off into the green water.
He just needed....


What if... there were galaxies like lilypads
floating on the surface... rippling from his rise?

What if... galaxies were streaming into his mouth
falling into an exponential hole?

1180 lines of C code later
I had my answer... and more.

The ring of stars that formed in his mouth
was unexpected... unplanned.

For a narrow range of input parameters
that defined the surface ripples and streams
the surface folded back upon itself...
forming the ring.

I found it quite by accident.

That's OK.
Part of being a good artist
Is knowing when to accept... to embrace...
a fortunate accident.