so... discretion being the better part of valor... I didn't take this last picture

At 11:30 the chanting ended
the priests filed past to great acclaim, my own included
and the party began to break up

A line formed along that wall of young men in uniform khaki pants and white sports shirts
men who had been cooking... and passing out beer... and wandering about...
behind a somewhat older man... more distinguished... great hair
dressed the same way

One mother, dressed in a beautiful summer kimono,
brought her young daughter to him to be introduced
The young lady received a bow, deeper perhaps because of her height, and a smile
I have to say I was touched

but I didn't take the photograph...
to do so would have seemed intrusive... impolite... and I was a guest
My proprietress had introduced me to the men at the ticket counter
and so I owed her my best behavior as well

To be truthful, it also seemed unwise
and I was far from home

I had been told, by a Western friend of long experience,
that the custom was to thank the new Boss for the party at the end of the night
If one was favored he might respond with an envelope
containing a 10,000¥ note... about $100

The young Western woman who had danced so long in the bon odori
had received, I learned the next day,  just such an envelope

All in all... a very interesting night